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Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Adam Pesapane, also known as PES, is an American stop motion animator who transforms everyday objects into works of art. His 2013 Oscar nominated short, he proves that sometimes the shortest films can be delightfully delicious. This is the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar at just 1 .6 minutes long.

This simple yet complex animation will have you salivating at the creative measures taken to create such a wonderfully executed short film from the spot on sound editing to the flowering and whimsical changes of inanimate objects that transform into something edible. While short films in context are 'short' this film leaves you with wanting more! The skill and creativity that went into this short is awe inspiring from the exquisite timing to the brilliant animation. It's entertaining, refreshingly creative, incredibly imaginative, and absolutely hilarious!and the guacamole that is created is charged with playful imaginative genius. I have watched it several times and I'm still hungry for more!

Be sure and leave your comments and reviews of this wonderful film!

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