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Alicia Hayes
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Writer| Director | Producer | Editor

Alicia Hayes is an autodidact in all areas of her creativity.  Her career spans the mediums of voice-over, music, acting, writing, photography, makeup, and painting.  Hayes was a radio personality in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas.  She later enjoyed a successful career in the entertainment industry as a makeup artist.  Through her years on set, she learned all the aspects of filmmaking by watching the best! Alicia Hayes is an award-winning Director, Writer, and Producer. Her current screenplay "Pripyat" continues to win on the festival circuit. 


"Telling a visual story with moving pictures is the ultimate in the creative process. The opportunity to stir emotions, provoke thought and affect change through the film genre is what  keeps me motivated and moving”

"Imagination is the language of creation."

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Alicia Hayes and Birgit Muller have worked together creatively for over 25 years and decided to join forces to establish a global film company that creates truthful and compelling content.  

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Birgit Muller is a three time EMMY winning fashion designer with over 25 years in the film and television industry working at Paramount, Sony, Disney, Universal and many others.  She has worked with notable directors; William Friedkin, David Lynch, Michael Bay, Francis Ford Coppola and Ridley Scott just to name a few. Birgit manufactures her own line of couture designer gowns and is a philanthropist for various global humanitarian causes.  She was awarded the Circle of Hope award for her fundraising efforts.

Birgit co-founded the Social Media Superstar Awards  and her company BCM Services Group Corp. in partnership with the British American Business Council LA.  In addition; she owns THE BRAND AMBASSADOR boutique P.R. firm focusing on ad campaigns for luxury brands.  She is currently focusing her creative acumen producing celebrity charity events and the production of motion pictures.


Fashion Designer | Producer | Creative Director 

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