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Alicia Hayes is an autodidact in all areas of her creativity.  Her career spans the mediums of voice-over, music, acting, writing, photography, makeup, and painting.  Hayes was a radio personality hosting shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas.  She later went on to enjoy a successful career in the entertainment industry as a makeup artist.  Through her years on set, she learned all the aspects of production and filming by watching the best!


"Telling a visual story with moving pictures is the ultimate in the creative process. The opportunity to stir emotions, provoke thought and affect change through the film genre is what  keeps me motivated and moving”


"Imagination is the language of creation."

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Claudio Forrester AKA 'Clowwdie' is a filmmaker and video editor.  He is self-taught and has a natural talent that very few possess in this field of production.  Clowwdie is also a professional gamer and joined VERO 8 PICTURES in April of 2019 as a lead Filmmaker and will be producing, directing and editing short films and music videos with the Alicia Hayes.  We look forward to the incredible productions of Clowwdie!

"The ONLY thing a leader will always follow is their dream."


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