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Eric Hanson delivers CINEMATIC GOLD

Updated: Feb 25

Actor Eric Hanson plays the lead character Adam whose real name is Roger Boisjoly who was a booster rocket engineer at NASA contractor Morton Thiokol in Utah. He was the lone engineer that raised strenuous objections to the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger months before the loss of the spacecraft and its crew in the 2019 film "The Challenger Disaster".

Hanson portrays this man obsessed by truth and is carelessly confident about his scientific conclusions and most of his colleagues perceived him as brash and cocky. The personality and the inner emotional spectrum of Adam and the dramatic performance by Eric Hanson is drenched in cinematic gold. Hanson's portrayal of Adam reaches a level of emotional empathy so universal it’s near transcendent. Every acting choice Hanson made throughout the film builds to a final emotional conclusion and in the end Adam is left with utter regret that will last a lifetime.

Eric Hanson is an actor, writer and director, making him a triple threat! He's a dashing leading man with diabolical intuition and intelligence. I've seen very few exciting breakthrough performances in the last few years. However; Eric Hanson is on the list of rising stars of the silver screen. His talent is evident from previous films "Neon Days", "No Ordinary Love", and "Brady's Lot" just to name a few. Hanson manages to transform characters into a higher emotional plane of creative expression and he's obsessively dedicated to character authenticity. It's more than obvious that Eric Hanson excels at playing delicious subversives and he will undoubtedly continue to carve his own unique path to towering heights!

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